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"On April 24, Paul Morgan showed me a 1995 Honda Accord Ex briefly right before they closed. On April 26, I went to Faulkner Pontiac Harrisburg again. Because Paul Morgan was off that day, I talked with another sales representatives (I don't remember his name) and had a deal for that 1995 Honda Accord Ex. They also helped me filed a finance application that day for part of my payment, $3,000. Before I left there, I was told that Paul Morgan, or the guy who helped me fill in my finance application, would call me on April 27 to let me know whether my application get approval or not, and then they would offer the car information for me to buy insurance for the car if I get approved. But I waited for the whole day on April 27 and did not hear from them at all. So I stepped back in today (April 28), and surprisingly found that the car was sold at higher price than I offered. I was so disappointed at their irresponsible behaviour and it hurts my feelings. At least they should inform me immediately when they get another offer for the car. Even in my opinion, I don't think that they should show other customers the car which we had a deal already. I just couldn't believe that a big company like Faulkner Pontiac Harrisburg has no professional spirit for the service at all. I was very, very disappointed of this very unpleasant purchasing experience. That hurts badly to my trust for this dealership."
"Think they're closed now, but I bought a Pontiac Firebird from them in 1989. Good experience."